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Biomedical engineer

Biomedical engineers use the principles of design and engineering and they operate in the field of biology and medicine. They typically research, design, or modify medical equipment and products.

Biomedical engineer

Biomedical engineers' job is to improve diagnostics and treatment processes and to reduce safety hazards. 


Biomedical engineers must have excellent knowledge of materials technology and medical products, as well as of various mathematical models, principles of engineering, and anything else that helps them create and test specific medical products and equipment.

They must have strong communication skills as they frequently collaborate with manufacturers and technical staff when assessing a product's feasibility. Analytical skills are a strong asset, as biomedical engineers typically use data obtained through research, interviews, and questionnaires to find solutions to clinical problems.

Biomedical engineers are often in charge of arranging clinical trials of various products and equipment, so they must also have strong organisational skills. Commercial awareness and marketing and business skills are a definite plus for engineers whose jobs entail approaching businesses to sell the finished product.


Biomedical engineers usually have a degree in biomedical engineering, biomedical science, physics, mechanical engineering, or electronic engineering. They can also enter the field with degrees in mathematics or applied science. 

The qualifications will depend on the field of specialty.   


Biomedical engineers mostly work on research and development of clinical and medical equipment and products related to diagnosis, therapy and monitoring. They develop and improve medical devices, tools, implants, and clinical and imaging equipment among other things. Their jobs can entail programming and installing electronic equipment, designing prototypes, testing and evaluating designs, and modifying them when necessary.

When they are not designing clinical equipment, biomedical engineers frequently provide advice on medical equipment and the application of instrumentation to hospitals, attend conferences and present their products, or provide support and help with equipment maintenance. They can also be in charge of investigating medical equipment failures, training health service staff, and exchanging findings of their research with experts in related fields.

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