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Education Technologies

We believe the education is the most powerful weapon for social change and the greatest equalizer in society . Being an EduTech Company, We pride in offering the following Products and Services


Career Guidance Software Application for Secondary School Students. Helps them discover Career Paths, Connect with Mentors in their Career Fields as well as helps schools organize effective and relevant career fairs. The technology does the following

  • 1
     Allows Students to discover who they are, where they are going and how to get there
  • 2
     Empowers schools to conduct effect career fairs
  • 3
     Connects current students at school to alumni of the school for mentorship
  • 4
     Allows teachers to align what they teach to career paths
  • 5
     Keeps students motivated and purpose driven
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E-learning Technology Design and Implemention

With the covid-19 pandamic, schools have been forced to innovate to stay in touch with their students. Our E-learning Experts are up to the task of building e-learning solutions for clients that offer the following

  • 1
     Personalized Learning For Students based on approved curricula
  • 2
     Flexible Teaching for teachers with effective teaching aids
  • 3
     Colloborative learning among students
  • 3
     Deep data analytics in student's learning

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The Student Hub is an online portal that helps students discover who they are, where they are going and how to get there