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Engage Every Student With a Student Driven
Future-Readiness Program

Built with thousands of hours of research with educators, The Student Hub puts students at the heart of their journey of self-discovery. By delivering an engaging student experience, The Student Hub helps educators achieve real results.

Connected Experiences

Amazing things happen when you give students a program they love to use. Possibilities come to life through engaging original content, stunning photos, and a delightful immersive experience -- the result of thousands of hours of research and design in collaboration with students, educators, and industry experts.

Our Levels of Intervention

How we help you make the right career choice

  • Primary School

    Our Program helps primary schools students develope a self concept leading to role playing in careers. Students start to study with purpose because they can visualize their career paths

  • O Level

    Our program helps students understand how what they learn in class connects with careers in the work place as well as help them identify subjects to choose at A Level (subject combination)

  • A Level

    Our program helps students in A Level choose courses at University and at Tertiary Institutions. Gives them all the necessary information they need to choose a course that is right for them as well gives them insights into the job market and trends in Uganda

  • University

    Our University program connects students to mentors in work places who guide and inspire students to achieve success after University

  • Work Place

    Career Paths always converge in a work place. We share with students trends in the work place and how they can excel in any work place preparing them a head of time for roles that will take on in the future

Features of The Student Hub

What you get inside The Student Hub

Subjects From a Course Perspective

We put the High School Subjects in a Course perspective by doing the following

  • Listing of High School Subjects
  • Subjects Combination Generator
  • University Courses Related to that Subject
  • Career Relevance of the Subject
  • E-learning Content for the Subject
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Course Listings and Universities

We connect subjects to courses sharing with a student where they should concentrate more. We share with you must know information before you apply for the course as listed below

  • Course Relevance and Course Comparison Tools
  • Course Cut off Points
  • Course Tuition
  • University Where the Course is offered
  • Careers attached to the Course
  • Connection to Admissions
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Careers (Occupations) Listing

Do you want to know what your dream Career is about, the necessary skills you need to posses if you are to thrive and where you can practice your dream career

This Section lists everything that you need to know about your dream career as listed below

  • What the Profession is about
  • How to become
  • Where you will Work
  • News about Your Dream Career
  • Expert Opinion about your Dream Career
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Work Place Listings

At the End of the Academic journey a student is expected to find a place where they can put their skills to work.The Student Hub Lists Companies that employ students with a given skill set.Information listed includes the following

  • Company Description
  • Company Contact Information and Address
  • Company Website
  • Opportunities and Career Inspiration Programs
  • A List of Careers that are practised at the Company
  • Video Interviews from staff about their careers
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Student Account

In order for The Student Hub to be relevant to you ie sharing with you information that is relevant to developing you to achieve your dreams,A Student Hub Accout is Necessary as through the account, you only receive information relevant to your future dream. The Account Lists the following

  • Courses relevant to your Dream Careers
  • Subject relevant to your Dream Career
  • Scholarships for further Studies
  • News & Blog Articles relevant to your Dream Career
  • Inspirational Movies
  • Motivational Videos in line with your Dream Career
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Teacher Account

The teacher play a very important role in inspiring students to achieve their future dreams.The Student Hub was created to transform any teacher into a Career Teacher as we share with your resources that can inspire teachers who will in turn inspire the students in Class. Below are the things in the Teacher's Account

  • Statistics of a Teachers Class in terms of Career preference
  • List of popular careers among your class students
  • List of your whole Class and their dream careers
  • Ability to focus on a student, see their career change trail
  • A list of Active Students on the Platform
  • A list of Events relevant to your Class
  • Articles relevant to the Subject a teacher teaches
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