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A teacher is a person that passes on information or a skill.


The role of teacher is often formal and ongoing, carried out at a school or other place of formal education. Teachers may use a lesson plan to facilitate student learning, providing a course of study which is called the curriculum.


A person who wishes to become a teacher must first obtain specified professional qualifications or credentials from a university or college. Teachers, like other professionals, may have to continue their education after they qualify, a process known as continuing professional development.


1. Teacher - Early Childhood 

Early childhood teachers plan and conduct education programs for young children.

Daily duties: 

1. Plan activities using a variety of materials and equipment to develop good coordination, social skills, creativity, self-expression and an interest in learning

2. Promote language development and self-confidence through storytelling, drama, music and discussions

3. Help to organise and participate in excursions to enhance learning experiences

4. Encourage children to question and explore the world in which they live

5. Observe children to evaluate and record their progress and to detect signs of developmental disorders, ill health or emotional disturbance

6. Recommend appropriate programs for further development

7. Promote health and safety concepts and social interaction with other children

8. Promote awareness and appreciation of diversity in multicultural societies

9. Attend to sick children and those in need of first aid

10. Comfort children who are hurt or distressed

11. Assist children with their toileting and personal hygiene

12. Discuss aspects of children's development with parents and other educators

13. Discuss the aims of the education programs with parents

14. Participate in community activities and parent/staff committees

15. Supervise and work with student teachers and trainee childcare workers.


2. Teacher – Primary schools

Primary school teachers educate primary school children by planning and conducting an education program to develop literacy and numeracy, as well as the physical, emotional, intellectual and social growth of their students.

Daily tasks:

1. Prepare daily and longer-term lesson plans in accordance with curriculum guidelines

2. Teach a full range of learning areas, including English (reading, writing, speaking and listening), mathematics, science, technology, society and environment, creative arts, personal development, health and physical education

3. Develop children's interests, abilities and coordination using creative activities such as art, music and sport

4. Develop and maintain good working habits and discipline in classrooms

5. Carry out administrative duties

6. Supervise students during classes and at other times in the school day, including in the playground during breaks

7. Attend staff meetings and other training and development sessions

8. Take part in joint decision-making about educational issues

9. Assess and evaluate students' progress in written and oral work

10. Discuss students' progress and concerns with parents and administrators

11. Assist with and organise sporting activities, school concerts and excursions

12. Prepare for and attend parent-teacher interviews and other functions.


3. Teacher – Secondary schools

Secondary school teachers teach one or more subjects within the school curriculum.

Daily Tasks:

1. Prepare daily lessons and long-term teaching programs in accordance with the curriculum and guidelines

2. Teach using a variety of methods, including formal lessons, discussions, practical activities, experiments, projects, assignments and excursions, taking into account the differences between individual students

3. Use information technology to assist with lesson preparation, teaching and reporting

4. Set tests, exams, projects, assignments and homework; mark and correct assessments; and sort the results

5. Evaluate and report on the progress of students, and discuss individual performance and problems with students and parents

6. Establish and maintain good working habits and discipline in classrooms and throughout the school

7. Supervise extra classes when other teachers are absent

8. Supervise students in the yard during lunchtime and other breaks

9. Carry out relevant administrative duties

10. Attend staff meetings, educational conferences and other professional development activities

11. Coordinate work experience and industry-based programs

12. Participate in other activities in partnership with parents and the school community, including parent-teacher nights, school council and other committees

13. Assist with organising sporting events, camping trips and other excursions

14. Coordinate administrative support programs and the work of non-teaching staff in schools

15. Network with other teachers

16. Work with other staff to revise the school's policies and curriculum implementation to reflect changing student needs and government initiatives.


Teachers continually update their subject knowledge and teaching methods through private study and professional development activities.

Key skills:

1. Ability to relate to children and their families

2. A keen desire to teach children

3. Willingness to learn

4. Good problem-solving skills

5. Sound literacy and numeracy skills

6. High-level planning and organizational skills

7. Enthusiastic, tactful, patient and a sense of humor

8. Prepared to work outside of school hours

9. Enthusiasm for, and ability in, their chosen subject area and teaching

10. Able to communicate concepts and instructions clearly

11. Enjoy working with teenagers

12. Acceptance of the rights and needs of all individuals

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