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Meet Gloria Dorcus Nakitto

3rd Electrical Engineering Student at Makerere University

Engineering is one of those fields that attracts very few ladies. With different initiatives around the world to encourage women to join Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics based career paths, the number has started to rise.

In this career spotlight, Gloria Dorcus Nakiito a 3rd-year Electrical Engineering student, shares with us what it is like to study Electrical Engineering at Makerere University. This is what we asked 

Tell us about yourself, your journey thus far and what your vision in life is?

I went to Gayaza High School for my secondary education where immerged the second-best in sciences with 18 points I'm currently doing a bachelors in Electrical engineering on government sponsorship and I'm the only girl with a first-class.

I'm also the LC representative Mary Stuart hall Makerere, I'm the vice-chairperson The mentorship class alumni association which is a mentorship program for youth, I'm an entrepreneur as well, I started a snack business and supply snacks to different restaurants and hostels around Makerere I'm a passionate worshipper (singer) and actress which I do during my free time, I've performed at some concerts, weddings, and parties.

My vision in life is to stand out and touch as many lives through my God-given talents, leadership positions, and intelligence

Tell us more about your course ie what it entails in a nutshell?

Electrical engineering basically deals with high power, electronics, telecommunications, and computer programming. Despite the fact that it is a really wide course, electrical engineering is quite passable both by girls and boys.

Its been labeled a "boys" course which is not true both genders have equal chances of passing this course And actually women make better engineers in the field

Why did you choose this course?

My good grades and passion for the sciences. I also wanted to be different since most girls opt for art courses

How is this course relevant to your future plans?

I plan to get into the research field after my Masters in Engineering And thereafter become a lecturer. The entrepreneur in me also wants to start an electrical company

Describe your ordinary day at campus?

Wake up early morning do some reading, go for morning prayers then attend lectures the whole day practically, I do have discussions every night as well, meetings for the different cabinets I'm part of and singing rehearsals

Gloria fixing an electrical system in her line of work

How do you cope up with the pressure to excel at University? 

I read extra hard plus i attend plenty of discussions

What subjects did you choose in high school and how have they been relevant in your course?

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics Electrical engineering is basically all those combined

What plans do you have after campus?

Going for a Masters in Engineering abroad, and of course, I'll start up a company

Other than attending lectures, what else do you do with your time while at University?

My business, Attending meetings for my different leadership posts, Singing, and acting

What trends are you seeing in your field of study that aspiring students should be mindful of?

Practicability They should have a lot of interest in projects, programming, and research

What advice would you give someone who dreams of enrolling for your course someday?

Read extra hard Love science subjects


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