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Meet Mary Bridget Namutebi

Student at Nakawa Vocational Training Institute

Vocational Education is ridiculed by many people and has branded as a path for those who have failed in school. Contrary to that belief, there are some exceptional students who are taking their vocational education and putting it in practice by designing amazing technological solutions. In this Vocational Education Spotlight, We bring you Mary Bridget Namutebi a plumbing student at Nakawa Vocational Training Institute to shade some light about it and inspire students to consider it as an education option

So Mary Bridget, talk to us about your academic journey and why you chose vocational education?

I went to St. Francis Primary school, Nile college Kasangati for secondary. I never did senior six, Then I did a certificate in Business Administration. I worked for a year be I quit my job and enrolled for vocational education. Before I joined Nakawa Vocational Training Institute,  worked on-site for three months and so I decided to join the institute get the required qualifications.

Tell us more about your course and what you like about it?

I do a certificate in plumbing which is meant for men mainly, I have worked on sites where plumbing is being done and it's interesting because it gives me a chance to think out of the brackets. Financial wise I earn before I complete my course hence getting more experience and earning at the same time.

Why did you choose that course? (What motivated you to choose that course )

I chose the course because there are opportunities every day and I don't need to look for a job because my clients are my market.

How is this course relevant to your future career?

I want to be an Engineer in plumbing but to be the best, the experience is needed and so this course gives me a chance to explore my capabilities and to meet different people that will help me through my career.

Describe an ordinary day at Campus during the Semester?

When I reach campus go to class for morning lessons after lunch, I put on my overall and safety boots the go to the workshop for practicals that involve different activities like pipe cutting and fitting among others.

Mary Bridget cutting metals in a practical session

How do you cope up with the pressure to excel at University? *

There is a lot of pressure but when one has an agenda then it is less, that's my secret. I went back to school after my first course because I have an agenda unless I go off track then I will fill the pressure.

What subjects did you choose in high school and how have they been relevant in your course?

I didn't do senior six but Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry are recognized but discipline is the first priority before all. You may have good grades but without discipline you are nothing.

How are you using the knowledge you have so far acquired from University (Any projects or research)?

We have researched about the drought problem in Uganda and we came up with an innovative solar pump that draws water from underground.

A prototype of the Solar Water Pump that Mary and her team worked on

What plans do you have after this course

I have plans to pursue a  diploma as I work. And when given an opportunity I would like to join the National Water and Sewage Corporation.

Other than attending lectures, what else do you do with your time while at Campus?

I joined the Rotaract club that also helps me meet different people and make new friends that might help me in the future.

What trends are you seeing in your field of study that aspiring students should be mindful of?

Different technologies are being developed every day so research should be part and parcel of a person's life

What advice would you give someone who seeks to enroll for your course someday?

Discipline should be the key in everything they do and trust in God.

Any concluding remarks?

Technical education is the way to go because you can study while working but in life if you no discipline you have no way to success.


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