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Meet Joel Ssozi

National Diploma in Electrical Engineering Student at UTC Elgon

Vocational education prepares students for practical jobs as the training is hands-on. The government is on a campaign to revamp vocational institutions in the bid to attract more students. In the bid to paint the true picture of vocational education in Uganda. we have come up with the Vocational Education Series where we bring you students from Vocational Institutions to share their experience. 

Today we bring you Joel Ssozi, a 2nd-year Electrical Engineering Student at Uganda Technical College Elgon, This is what we asked

So Joel, tell us about yourself, where you come from, which schools you went to and how you got into the Vocational Education Path

I come from Greater Masaka region which comprises of Masaka, Kyotera, and Rakai, those are the places I know best in the world. I attended quite a number of schools during my primary education but I sat my P. L. E from St. Joseph Kyabakuuma primary school in 2009.
I then joined Masaka Exodus Vocational Secondary school for my O level from 2010-2013, Masaka Secondary School for my A level from 2014-2015.

I didn't join university because I was not given sponsorship on the government and my parents couldn't afford to pay for me in private. So I didn't join any Institution in 2016 and a family friend advised my parents that I can be given a government sponsorship in a UTC for a Diploma and join University later. It all went on as expected and l joined Uganda Technical College Elgon in August of 2017.

Tell us more about your course and what it entails in a nutshell

This course deals with studying electricity from generation up to electronic devices that utilize it. Some people think its just domestic installation. It's interesting while designing electronic circuits to solve real-life problems.

Why did you choose this course?

I wanted a practical course which would increase my chances of self-employment and also an interesting course which deals with dynamic forces.

How is this course relevant to your future plans?

It is interesting to do a job you like, this course shows me that l can employ myself and I would also love to teach other people the basics of electricity in the future.

Describe your ordinary day at Campus?

Waking up, taking breakfast, attending the first lecture, one hour break, the second lecture, lunch, third lecture, supper, revision, watch a movie, sleep. But you are free to whatever you want.

How do you cope up with the pressure to excel at University? 

I read to understand and don't cram and I try to apply what you study in real life.

What subjects did you choose in high school and how have they been relevant in your course?

Physics, Economics, and Mathematics, also subsidiary ICT those are the basics in electrical engineering.

Are you applying the knowledge you have acquired from University?

Yeah, I design electronic circuits and I also do domestic installation work during holidays.

What plans do you have after campus?

Starting an Electrical Engineering Company, going for a bachelor's and Master's degree while I run the company.

Other than attending lectures, what else do you do with your time while at University?

Engaging in conversation with my friends, watching movies, studying philosophy and psychology, doing physical exercise and martial arts.

What trends are you seeing in your field of study that aspiring students should be mindful of?

You should not only focus on being technically good but also be smart upstairs, if you cannot flex your brain muscles, other smart people will use your good technical skills to achieve their goals at your expense, and that is what is actually happening in our field of study. Be creative, innovative, inventive and wise.

What advice would you give someone who dreams of enrolling for your course someday?

Ensure that you have what it requires, one principal pass in either Mathematics or Physics and two subsidiary passes for those from A level or an Advanced certificate in electrical installation and above all, love for the course.

Any concluding remarks?

Am so glad that I have had this opportunity to share with fellow students and I hope that this will bring about a positive impact. Thank you so much.

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