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Meet Zion Faith Likico

Quality Control Officer At National Water and Sewerage Corporation

Clean water is a basic human right and the team at National Water and Sewerage Corporation work tirelessly to ensure that the water we consume is safe. Today Zion Faith an incredible lady from the Quality Control department to share with you what it takes to be a Quality Control Officer. This is what we asked.

In a nutshell, what does Zion do as a Quality Control Officer and what was your motivation to pursue this career path?

I currently work as a Quality Control Officer with NWSC under Kampala Water. Basically, I ensure that the water that reaches the consumer is safe to drink and for general use. My work entails, carrying out tests, process control as well as research and development. My biggest motivation is my family, they believe in my abilities and have supported me every step of the journey.

Zion Faith Likico
Zion conducting an experiment in the lab

What is cool about this kind of work? Are there challenges?

I like challenges .......they make you a better person. Dealing with a product that is a basic human need is critical so you always have to be at your best cause you are responsible for the lives of millions of people.

What was your experience like while starting out in this field?

I hated it. I felt like a total failure for missing out on Medicine. But then I hate giving up so I had to put in as much effort as could to get good grades. The course in itself is taxing ....long laboratory hours, really challenging course units. Its a marathon.

What skills does one need to be a Quality Control Officer, how important are those skills and how can someone perfect such skills?

1. Analytical skills..... the ability to perform the same test over and over without much deviation
2. Integrity......one should be willing to do the right thing without being watched
3. Commitment ........sometimes the hours are long and you have to be on your feet
4. Troubleshooting.......think wide and think smart, think fast to be able to provide a solution to an existing problem in real-time.

What did you study in high school and how has it proved to be relevant in your current career?

Physics Chemistry Biology Mathematics. A bond between these four is what Industrial chemistry is all about. To be a good quality control officer should be able to apply each of these at different stages of their work. Be it calculating the number of moles of a given solution, the area of a cylindrical pipe.......or the specific gravity of a fluid, name it.

Has Likico Zion Faith had any rewarding events so far, if yes, what are some moments that made you proud to be a Quality Control Officer?

I developed a formulation for an anti-acne cream using Bentonite I took part in certification of Uganda Batteries Limited with the ISO 9001:2015

So what is the future like for this career field? What trends are you seeing that are going to define the field 5 years to come

Research with regard to Nanotechnology, Statistical Quality Control Techniques, Waste management  and Cleaner production

Finally what advise would Likico Zion Faith give someone especially a lady who dreams of walking on the same career path you are on?

The number of females in this field is currently low, sometimes you will be passed on for the men because of the long working hours or the heavy workload, do not give up. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Believe in yourself and never give up. Be teachable because everyday is an opportunity to learn something new. Read wide and enrich your mind. Do not be afraid of taking chances, apply for that supervisor job. Appreciate everyone and every experience that you encounter along the way, its part of your journey and the lessons you learn now might be of use in the next ten years. But most importantly.....Pray.

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