Many Technical Institutions in Uganda offer National Diploma Courses and Higher Diploma Courses. To a student looking to advance their education at Tertiary, this can be very confusing. In the article, we share with you the principle differences between National Diplomas and Higher Diploma Courses.

  National Diplomas Higher Diplomas

National diploma programmes provide the basic knowledge and skills

They provide an indepth training with broader and intensive coverage equivalent to that of an associate degree. For instance, a student of Mechanical Engineering at National Diploma will study Basic Mathematics rather than Advanced Mathematics offered by a student of Higher Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.

Duration 2 Years 2 Years
Entry Requirements

1 principal pass in either Mathematics or Physics plus two subsidiaries passes in science subjects obtained at the same sitting or Advanced Craft Certificate or National Certificate in the relevant fields.

Entry Level Entry Schemes

  • Advanced level entry scheme
  • Certificate entry scheme
  • Diploma entry scheme
  • Graduate entry scheme

At least a National Diploma in or an Ordinary Diploma in relevant fields from a recognised institution or an equivalent qualification weighted by Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board.

Enrollment Times September (For Government Institutions) September (For Government Institutions)

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