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Career Insights

Follow up on great articles from time tasted scholars in the world of Academia

  • 2020
  • By 2022 the skills required to perform most jobs will have shifted significantly. Global average “skills stability”— the proportion of core skills required to perform a job that will remain the same — is expected to be about 58%.

    That means workers will see an average shift of 42% in required...... Read More

  • Photo Credit/ Mild May 

    Allied Health Professional's Council is a body mandated by the act of Parliament in 1996, cap 268 to  regulate and control practice, education and training of Allied health professionals through registration, licensing, supervision and monitoring.

    As of 2019, these are the institutions that are...... Read More

  • By 2022, today’s newly emerging occupations are set to grow from 16% to 27% of the employee base of large firms globally, while job roles currently affected by technological obsolescence are set to decrease from 31% to 21%. In purely quantitative terms, 75 million current job roles may be displaced...... Read More

  • If not admitted at University on government sponsorship there is an alternative of being admitted to technical institution on government sponsorship. Students are always admitted to both Technical and Business Institutions.

    Step one is Reading hard

    These days government sponsorship is very competitive due to increased standards of Schools in...... Read More

  • Within this book is a strategy aimed to enable any senior six candidate to acquire government sponsorship on merit regardless of their socio-economic status or family background. It's based on numerous success principles expounding on virtues like hard work and disciplines like effective planning .

    The ball is within your...... Read More

  • In the wake of the revival of the national courier – Uganda Airlines, students and the public have been tipped on accessible opportunities that continue to open up in the aviation field.

    In a one-day seminar organised by Wings Academy Limited, an aviation school, various aviation experts gave insight on...... Read More

  • Universities keep coming up every other year in Uganda today. As of today, the number could be coming close to 40 institutions of higher learning. Therefore, it is important to note that the graduates that will beat the competition in the job market are those equipped with a practical approach...... Read More

  • Around August this year, the gates of the different University shall be opened to the freshmen from kids of life. Young men and women poised to advance their intellectual abilities to contribute significantly to the world sometimes are oblivious of some truths about the academic level they are getting to. From...... Read More

  • The gender gap in tech is real. However, the only way to break up this so-called “boy’s club” for good is to empower more women to join the ranks of programmers. While women only earn 28% of computer science degrees, that doesn’t mean they aren’t perfectly suited to starting a...... Read More

  • Do you remember what life was like when smartphones didn’t exist?

    How about Uber/Taxify cab services?

    Or ordering your food online?

    If we rewind back 4-5 years of our lives, we...... Read More

  •  Agriculture can provide jobs to Uganda’s unemployed youth if well harnessed, according to the twelfth Uganda Economic Update published today by the World Bank.

    The report, “Developing Uganda’s Agri-Food System for Inclusive Economic Growth,” notes that the sector’s economic contribution extends well beyond the production sector into the wider...... Read More

  • Huawei Managing Director Liu jiawei and College of Computing Principal Makerere shake hands after signing an agreement to establish ICT Academy in Uganda. PHOTO BY ERONIE KAMUKAMA 

    Kampala. Uganda must focus more on churning out experts in computing than in ICT, a senior researcher at Makerere University, has said. 
    ...... Read More

  • Photo Credit: Victoria University 

    Are you still looking at study options? Choosing a career path can be stressful and overwhelming. To find what your perfect career choice would be you should evaluate yourself and determined what you truly enjoy doing.

    We’re in the 21st century and today...... Read More

  • The CPA (Certified Public Accountant) Uganda Program is designed to bring the best out of you. This opens your mind about the enormous potential you hold in the world of business. CPA Uganda prepares one to be at an added advantage in whichever career of choice.

    As a CPA, one gains...... Read More

  • The oil production expected to start in the Albertine region by 2020 is projected to create over 160,000 jobs, Caroline Korutaro, a senior petroleum engineer in the Directorate of Petroleum at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development has said.
    Korutaro said of jobs created, about 60%...... Read More

  • Those who are considering an aviation career have probably had positive thoughts about the above three points. Now, to pick the specific aviation career that will be best for them. Here are 10 options that hold the greatest promise.

    1.Pilot: This is probably the most common career that comes to mind when people think of...... Read More

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