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Meet Stephen Mutungi Santos

C.E.O at 2CL and Head of operations at 2ambale Online store

In life it is important to be a specialist and generalist at the sametime in that a specialist, there is a skill that the world knows you for but a generalist in the sense that you have multiple secondary skills that you put to action to make a decent living in this very competitive world. Software and Music my not be complimentary but they have one thing in common, Art which is also found to be a necessary ingredient in Business. 

To give you a wide range of possibilities in this God given life, we bring you Stephen Mutungi who is a graduate of Software Engineering from Makerere University but not only does he write software but rather also manages a clothing store as well as a talented  musician. This is what we asked

Describe your ordinary day

I try to be up by 6 am and after a prayer I get ready for work. I map out all am expected to do by drawing the day's plan in my notebook. While at work I chair meetings, review the previous day's reports, maintain or develop software depending the prevailing needs of the company and also monitor the different operations

What are you main tasks and Responsibilities

1. Organizing and chairing meetings.
2. Drawing project plans.
3. Drawing financial plans based on the different reports.
4. Software development and maintenance.
5. Monitoring the different operations.

What are your main challenges at work ?

1. Balancing software development and administration is very challenging.
2. I lack experience in business administration so its basically learning on the job and a wrong decision can hurt to the born sometimes.
3. Understanding people is not easy and it's very critical in business.

What particular skills do you bring to your workplace ? 

Am the technical guy at work and am also in charge of administration so I bring both technical and administrative skills

What is cool about your job ? 

Leading my team to victory feels awesome

What is not cool about your job ? 

Being responsible for someone else's mistake

How did you get your current job ? 

I started the company

What key people have influenced your career direction ?

John D Rockefeller, my mother Pauline Nassolo and my cousin Abraham Walyejjemu

What subjects did you choose in school and how have they influenced your career path ? 

Physics - Shaped my reasoning and understanding of technology.
Chemistry - Made me a critical thinker
Mathematics - This has made me a problem solver, It greatly helps our accounting department because of my background.
Economics - Its the backbone of my life in business everyday.

What is your highest Education to date ? 

I have a Bachelors Degree in Software Engineering from Makerere University

What aspects of your Education have proved to be very helpful in your line of Work ? 

The research aspect taught me how to learn and how to find solutions.

Have you considered undertaking or do you plan to undertake any further training as part of this job? 

Yes, am considering an MBA  (Masters in Business Administration) 

What have been the most rewarding events in your career so far ? 

Registering positive growth every year

What personal qualities do you possess that help you in your career? 

Trusting God and the belief that everything can be archived if you plan and work towards it

What is your dream Job

Being the President of the Republic of Uganda

What are the most important personal characteristics that are required for this job ? 

1. Understanding people
2. Innovation
3. Creativity

What advise would you give someone considering starting a business ? 

Trust God and start as soon as yesterday

What kind of work experience would provide a good background for this job ?

Anyone that's passionate and is willing to learn

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