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Meet Jonan Kabigumira

IT Specialist at Uniliver Uganda Limited

Information Technology is the game-changer in every business environment as it forms the backbone of business in organizations. It is a very emerging field with lots of opportunities. In today's career spotlight, we bring you Jonan Kabigumira, an IT Specialist at Uniliver Uganda Limited. This is what we asked

Describe what you do as an IT Specialist and what motivated you to pursue that career path?

I majorly do data mining and analysis. I know my way around the computer so I occasionally do repair and maintenance. Plus i love creating/building things so I do coding on the side.

The passion of technology is what really motivated me to pursue I.T. From a very tend to age, I was breaking radios and TVs apart and putting them back together and trying to figure out how they worked and how to control or use them away from the original design.

What was it like finishing school and getting into your first jobs?

Like many, when I had just gotten out of school, I didn't land straight into my field training. I just wanted to keep busy and make a buck to provide for my needs and those of my family so I did the first job a friend referred me to in a sports betting company where I soon found myself feeling unsatisfied and yearning for more.

I got my current job about 6 months after I resigned from the sports betting company. A friend shared with me a message that was posted in a WhatsApp group he was in and told me to try my luck. I did just that and by the grace of God, I was called for an interview which was an interesting experience for me as I had never been in any such interview before. About a month or so later, I was called to work and here I am.

Any Interview Tips you can share with someone out there preparing for an interview?

1. Be confident and as calm as possible
2. Dress the part cause first impressions matter.
3. Don't lie on your CV cause it is what sets the pace for the interview.
4. Know your worth.

Anything cool about this kind of work, any challenges?

Challenges are always there and I have come to learn their necessity in terms of growth and exposure on one's true potential. I love solving issues and the fact that I rise up every morning to do something that I am passionate about is something I give God glory for. I love working as part of a purpose-led team.

What skills does one need to be an IT Specialist, how important are those skills and how can someone perfect such skills?

It really depends on what one really wants to do as I.T is quite broad from Computer repair and maintenance to Networking, programming, project management, etc. One needs to know their way around the computer and most fundamental software and tools and indulge themselves in as much knowledge about technology as possible cause unlike history, I.T is ever-changing and you must be up to date with current trends cause your next job, project, etc. may depend on it.

Analytical, organizational, leadership, communication and decision-making skills are always a big bonus.

How did school (High school and University) prepare you for the career you are pursuing today?

Like the majority of people, I pursued a career away from what I studied (History.Economics.Literature/Art) in High school but it equipped me with communication and decision-making skills.

I had a couple of opportunities to lead which gave me learnings I still recall and apply now in the workplace as I am in a position where I have a number of people I lead in one way or the other. University is where I really got prepared for my career as from the get-go, I was exposed to all the relevant information, tools, systems I required for my career. My skills were sharpened through the various course units and side gigs I undertook while at the university.

Any rewarding events so far that made you proud to be an IT Specialist?

I am purposeful about rebuilding and transforming the minds of all though majorly youths by equipping and empowering them and I have had a couple of opportunities where I have worked with people and helped them accomplish their goals with my knowledge of I.T and empowered them to do more which was a milestone for them and I can think of no greater reward than seeing one leaving out their dreams or purpose and knowing I was able to play a role in it.

So what is the future like for this career field? What trends are you seeing that are going to define the field 5 years to come

The future is really bright for I.T as day by day we see more technological advancements from self-driving cars to self-thinking computers harnessing the power of real-time data. This is what revolutionizes technology to me because it opens us up to think bigger, think smarter, to think unimaginable knowing the sky is the limit. Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are what I see defining this field for the next five years.

Finally, what advice would Jonan Kabigumira give someone who dreams of walking on the same career path you are on?

I would advise them to dream big, think big and be willing to experiment as much as possible without fear of failure and doubt in themselves remembering with God all things are possible and as such we can do all things through Him who strengthens us.

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