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The Relevance (Why the course is being taught)


The challenge in most of the developing and least developed economies is how to effectively and efficiently deploy enterprise resources. Business Administration is primarily concerned with the question of how an enterprise’s resources (Human resources, equipment, financial resources etc ) can be deployed as effectively and efficiently as possible.

The Bachelors Degree course in Business Administration gives students an overview of business administration disciplines or subject areas, with the overall objective of encouraging interdisciplinary thinking and decision-making. This BBA programme has been systematically tailored to the employment market. The curriculum is targeted not only at the national employment market but also takes into consideration the requirements ot regional and international employers.

Career Prospects

Our broad approach prepares graduates at the various levels for positions in all areas concerned with business administration and management, small business management, public service sector management and project management. Our graduates are well prepared to work in the private sector and public service, service and manufacturing sector, profit and non-profit making organization including NGOs.

Our graduates will be able to support an enterprise’s management in business administration issues, assume responsibility for management tasks, set up their own business or become self-employed. BBA Graduates can assume different positions in organizations ranging from the top/strategic level, management, middle level and bottom tactical management level.

Course Entry Requirements

Subjects for Admission

Essential Subjects (X3) [?]

Relevant Subjects (X2) [?]
Desirable Subjects (X1) [?]
Computer Studies
General Paper
Subsidiary Mathematics
Course Cut off Points
Course Career Paths

Chase your dreams in heels of your course. Know where this course is taking you by checking out the careers associated to it listed below

Interviews related to Bachelor of Business Administration

Hear and learn from those that did the course and what they have been able to do with the knowledge they acquired

  • Social media marketing is the game changer, Meet Christine Mutebi the operations manager at Sukuma Online Going through school while letting school go through you
    Watch Interview
  • Meet Amos Aturo Manager-Training at SolarNow Uganda. One of the brains behind the quality services at SolarNow Uganda.
    Watch Interview
  • Meet Hope Kayeny,a young C.E.O who has built a fast growing beauty company without a loan When necessity is the sure mother of innovation
    Watch Interview
  • Maureen Katusiime prides in helping her workmates excel at their work
    Watch Interview
Where Graduates Work

Business Administration Graduates can work in a multitude of Business Enterprises as well as starting up their own business ventures.

Scholarships to study Bachelor of Business Administration


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