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The Relevance (Why the course is being taught)

This innovative program is carefully formulated between the support skills needed for academic life and academic subjects needed to sustain University studies. The mix of courses offered on the program will set prospective students on a path to achieving their goals of entry for University education.

Core Areas of the Certificate (What you will learn)

1. Mathematics required for Engineering Courses
2. Physics required for Engineering Courses
3. Introduction to ICT
4. Ms Office
5. Computer Programs design
6. Computer Hardware
7. Design and Animation tools
8. Computer Troubleshooting
9. Computer Networking
10. Website Designing and Soft Skills

Objectives of the Certificate Program

1. To build a foundation for skilled engineering professionals in Uganda
2. To build capacity with a practica oriented Engineering knowledge for Industry under the broader perspective of information and communication technology
3. More emphasis is on practical knowledge

On graduation

1. Students able to develope a static website
2. Students can start work as a data entry operator
3. Students being able to set up a Local Area Network
4. Students can design a brochure using photoshop
5. Students being able to design websites with photoshop

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Course Entry Requirements

Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) also known as O-LEVEL Certificate with atleast 3 credits obtained at the same sitting or its equivalent as specified and equated by Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB)

Subjects for Admission

Essential Subjects (X3) [?]

Relevant Subjects (X2) [?]
Desirable Subjects (X1) [?]
Course Cut off Points
Course Career Paths

Chase your dreams in heels of your course. Know where this course is taking you by checking out the careers associated to it listed below

Interviews related to Certificate in Science and Technology

Hear and learn from those that did the course and what they have been able to do with the knowledge they acquired

Where Graduates Work

Graduates can work in organizations as data entrants, website designers, computer hardware repairers as well as graphics designers

Scholarships to study Certificate in Science and Technology

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