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    Highway Maintenance Worker

    Maintain highways, municipal and rural roads, airport runways, and rights-of-way. Duties include patching broken or eroded pavement, repairing guard rails, highway markers, and snow fences. May also mow or clear brush from along road or plow snow from roadway.

    Electrical and Electronics Repairer, Powerhouse, Substation, and Relay

    Inspect, test, repair, or maintain electrical equipment in generating stations, substations, and in-service relays.

    Aircraft Mechanics and Service Technician

    Diagnose, adjust, repair, or overhaul aircraft engines and assemblies, such as hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Includes helicopter and aircraft engine specialists.

    Automotive Body and Related Repairer

    Repair and refinish automotive vehicle bodies and straighten vehicle frames.

    Automotive Glass Installers and Repairer

    Replace or repair broken windshields and window glass in motor vehicles.

    Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanic

    Diagnose, adjust, repair, or overhaul automotive vehicles.

    Automotive Master Mechanic

    Repair automobiles, trucks, buses, and other vehicles. Master mechanics repair virtually any part on the vehicle or specialize in the transmission system.

    Automotive Specialty Technician

    Repair only one system or component on a vehicle, such as brakes, suspension, or radiator.

    Farm Equipment Mechanics and Service Technician

    Diagnose, adjust, repair, or overhaul farm machinery and vehicles, such as tractors, harvesters, dairy equipment, and irrigation systems.

    Mobile Heavy Equipment Mechanics, Except Engine

    Diagnose, adjust, repair, or overhaul mobile mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic equipment, such as cranes, bulldozers, graders, and conveyors, used in construction, logging, and surface mining.

    Rail Car Repairer

    Diagnose, adjust, repair, or overhaul railroad rolling stock, mine cars, or mass transit rail cars.

    Motorboat Mechanics and Service Technician

    Repair and adjust electrical and mechanical equipment of inboard or inboard-outboard boat engines.

    Outdoor Power Equipment and Other Small Engine Mechanic

    Diagnose, adjust, repair, or overhaul small engines used to power lawn mowers, chain saws, recreational sporting equipment and related equipment.

    Bicycle Repairer

    Repair and service bicycles.

    Recreational Vehicle Service Technician

    Diagnose, inspect, adjust, repair, or overhaul recreational vehicles including travel trailers. May specialize in maintaining gas, electrical, hydraulic, plumbing, or chassis/towing systems as well as repairing generators, appliances, and interior components. Includes workers who perform customized van conversions.


    Set up or repair rigging for construction projects, manufacturing plants, logging yards, ships and shipyards, or for the entertainment industry.

    Recycling and Reclamation Worker

    Prepare and sort materials or products for recycling. Identify and remove hazardous substances. Dismantle components of products such as appliances.

    Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisor

    Supervise and coordinate the activities of ground crew in the loading, unloading, securing, and staging of aircraft cargo or baggage. May determine the quantity and orientation of cargo and compute aircraft center of gravity. May accompany aircraft as member of flight crew and monitor and handle cargo in flight, and assist and brief passengers on safety and emergency procedures. Includes loadmasters.

    First-Line Supervisor of Helpers, Laborers, and Material Movers, Hand

    Directly supervise and coordinate the activities of helpers, laborers, or material movers.

    Recycling Coordinator

    Supervise curbside and drop-off recycling programs for municipal governments or private firms.


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