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Marketing, Sales and Service Careers / Occupations

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    Energy Broker

    Buy or sell energy products on the behalf of residential or commercial customers or utilities. Negotiate and oversee contracts for energy sales.

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    Sales Representative, Wholesale and Manufacturing, Technical and Scientific Products

    Sell goods for wholesalers or manufacturers where technical or scientific knowledge is required in such areas as biology, engineering, chemistry, and electronics, normally obtained from at least 2 years of post-secondary education.

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    Solar Sales Representative and Assessor

    Contact new or existing customers to determine their solar equipment needs, suggest systems or equipment, or estimate costs.

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    Sales Representative, Wholesale and Manufacturing, Except Technical and Scientific Product

    Sell goods for wholesalers or manufacturers to businesses or groups of individuals. Work requires substantial knowledge of items sold.

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    Demonstrator and Product Promoter

    Demonstrate merchandise and answer questions for the purpose of creating public interest in buying the product. May sell demonstrated merchandise.

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    Model garments or other apparel and accessories for prospective buyers at fashion shows, private showings, or retail establishments. May pose for photos to be used in magazines or advertisements. May pose as subject for paintings, sculptures, and other types of artistic expression.

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    Real Estate Broker

    Operate real estate office, or work for commercial real estate firm, overseeing real estate transactions. Other duties usually include selling real estate or renting properties and arranging loans.

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    Real Estate Sales Agent

    Rent, buy, or sell property for clients. Perform duties, such as study property listings, interview prospective clients, accompany clients to property site, discuss conditions of sale, and draw up real estate contracts. Includes agents who represent buyer.

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    Sales Engineer

    Sell business goods or services, the selling of which requires a technical background equivalent to a baccalaureate degree in engineering.

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    Solicit donations or orders for goods or services over the telephone.

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    Door-To-Door Sales Workers, News and Street Vendors, and Related Worker

    Sell goods or services door-to-door or on the street.

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