If not admitted at University on government sponsorship there is an alternative of being admitted to technical institution on government sponsorship. Students are always admitted to both Technical and Business Institutions.

Step one is Reading hard

These days government sponsorship is very competitive due to increased standards of Schools in Uganda and Students are over-performing aiming for government sponsorship. Therefore to be admitted you have to work hard, always concentrate on your books such that you can outperform others because they depend on the number of points you have got at your  A level plus the senior four results. Students always admitted to institutions go for Diplomas and Certificates.

Filling JAB forms

To be admitted by the government to institutions on Sponsorship you must fill the JAB forms and always you have a specific fee to pay for these forms to your school where you sat from and you will be provided with one copy for you to fill, if you miss use it you have to pay for another one . These forms are always filled at your school immediately after the UNEB exams.After filling these forms you are given 2-3 days by your school to take them to the headquarters of your district of birth to be signed by the required fields. Then forward them back to the school office with 2-3 passport photos, photocopy of your birth certificate and photocopy of your UCE results.

These forms will be submitted back to the ministry by the headteacher and wait for the exams to be released. After exams are released the exercise for selecting qualified students is carried out and then the lists are issued to the public through newspapers and other modes of Communication for students to check for their names.

Picking Admission Forms

If you’re admitted to any college on government sponsorship you are required to go and pick the admission form from that college and confirm your placement with the college and then wait for the dates of starting the studies. Always students who do not pick their admission forms in the stipulated period are given an extra time of 2 weeks to pick their forms and if it expires when there are still empty vacancies they are submitted back to the ministry for replacement. If not admitted on government sponsorship it is better you apply on private if you are to continue with your studies

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