In the wake of the revival of the national courier – Uganda Airlines, students and the public have been tipped on accessible opportunities that continue to open up in the aviation field.

In a one-day seminar organised by Wings Academy Limited, an aviation school, various aviation experts gave insight on opportunities in the aviation sector, but to also lay ground for human capital development as Uganda Airlines sets to grace the skies again.

To give a broad picture, presenters in the different aviation fields talked about their work and experiences. 
For instance, Godfrey Kubinga, a passenger handling and airport operations manager with Emirates Airlines, emphasised the fact that the world today is more connected with people moving all over the world.

While encouraging more people to join aviation, he added: “Emirates Airlines currently have a capacity of 360 workers. We are running some trials now, and if we are comfortable, we may go up to 14 flights a week; double daily, which means that we need a team that will work in the day, and another in the night. And you are the people.

He further hinted on the fact that the industry has few professionals and largely depends on people who have qualifications that are not necessarily in aviation. Kubinga, therefore, encouraged students studying aviation to love what they are doing since it is a prerequisite in this customer-driven industry. 
But being cabin crew also comes with benefits, Susan Kawuki, a cabin crew, shared.

“You are able to travel the world for free and your immediate family has the same priviledge. One has a life and health insurance and beyond that, you get to meet and serve people from all walks of life including celebrities. Cabin crew training equips you with customer care training, imparts communication skills, and instils confidence, etiquette, and ability to handle challenging situations. In addition, you are a safety officer,” Kawuki explained.


She further noted that these skills remain relevant and useful in other fields such as customer care services and in the hospitality business, in case one cannot work on an aircraft.

Reacting to the seminar, Prosy Mulumba, a parent, noted that such information is important to parents so that they are also updated on the current trends in the world of work in order to guide their children objectively.
Other fields in aviation include aerospace engineering, air traffic controller, airport management and administration, airport operations, airport security, commercial aviation, general aviation, flight dispatch, flight support, flight planning and flight training, among others.

The seminar, dubbed Introduction to Aviation, was held at Cardinal Nsubuga Leadership Training Centre Nsambya, Kampala.

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