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Career Inspiration and Mentorship Program for School Leavers

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Activity description

The Career Inspiration and Mentorship Program for School Leavers was initiated with the primary objective of providing guidance and support to students as they navigate the crucial transition from school to the professional world. The program aimed to expose participants to various career paths, enhance their understanding of different industries, and establish mentorship relationships for personalized guidance.

Program Components:

Career Workshops: 3 trainings per week were conducted by industry professionals to introduce students to diverse career options, industry trends, and the skills required for success in coding and graphics designing

Mentorship Pairing: School leavers were paired with mentors who volunteered to share their experiences and provide insights into coding and graphics designing. The mentorship component aimed to offer personalized guidance and support.

Skill Development Sessions: Workshops focused on essential skills such as team work and collaboration, soft skills , and effective communication to prepare students for the job market.

Impact and Success

Increased Career Awareness: Participants reported a notable increase in their awareness of diverse career options beyond conventional choices.

Enhanced Confidence: School leavers expressed heightened confidence in making informed career decisions after gaining insights from industry professionals.

Improved Soft Skills: Skill development sessions positively impacted participants' abilities in resume building, interviews, and effective communication.

Successful Mentorship: The mentorship component resulted in meaningful relationships, providing students with personalized guidance and advice tailored to their individual aspirations.





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