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AgriSolar Product Accelerator by The Innovation Village

Date: Feb 29, 2024

The Innovation Village hub is pleased to be running the second cohort of the Agrisolar Product Accelerator which is a 13-week intensive product development and refinement journey designed for solution providers building use cases incorporating solar technologies across the dairy, aquaculture, and horticulture value chains.

Our goal is to empower solution providers with the tools and skills that they need to scale their solutions to hard-to-reach communities.

Program Pillar

Needs Assessment

The program will determine the most impactful areas of the Startup’s journey to apply robust Business Advisory and Technical Assistance towards building and scaling the adoption of sustainable solutions.


Run 7 weeks of Build Sprints with the Solution Providers’ team to address gaps identified during the Needs Analysis and to refine the core Value Proposition, identify new or optimised Routes to Market, refine Go-To-Market Strategy and reimagine Unit Economics to build a sustainable enterprise delivering value for communities served. The startups will be supported by experts to create a prototype/ minimum viable product showing commercial potential. 

Market Development

Conduct a 6-week in-market activation of the Startup’s refined Go-To-Market strategy to build high-quality traction and realize significant improvements in the adoption and revenue. Solution Providers will leverage tactics developed during the building phase and our network of partners to accelerate market and commercial traction. 

Demo day

Each team will present their prototype and a roadmap proposal towards potential commercialization. This is to leverage on the improved performance across adoption and commercialization metrics, and the overall improvements to the Startup’s execution. Introduce the Startup to our capital ecosystem to access stage-relevant funding opportunities.


Provide dedicated support to increase financial and fundraising support services for local solar entrepreneurs

Eligibility Criteria

This program is open to startups working on technologies and new business models at the intersection of solar energy and Agriculture value chains. We are particularly interested in startups with a commitment to scaling their solutions to underserved last-mile communities.

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