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Ground Breaker Full time Scholarship to study Software Engineering

Date: Oct 11, 2023

Source * https://groundbreaker.org/

Deadline 1st November 2023

Groundbreaker Talents is a full-time Software Engineering scholarship program in Kampala tailored to provide Ugandan students from underprivileged communities with the opportunity to exploit their full potential and access a brighter future in the digital era.

Uganda’s youth holds great potential for fostering the next generation of IT professionals. Our scholarship program serves as a talent pipeline, guiding students from disadvantaged backgrounds to critical entry points into the industry. Giving access to valuable skills empowers a brighter future

Our residential scholarship opportunity includes the following

  1. Full Scholarship: Recipients will receive a full scholarship for a Certificate in Software Engineering covering tuition, accommodation and other essential expenses for a residential program.
  2. Leadership Development: Engaging in leadership workshops, mentorship and networking opportunities.
  3. Upskilling:  Providing young women with skills to become female tech leaders and change-makers in their communities

Who can Apply?

  • Be a young African woman aged 18-25 years
  • Available full-time to live and learn in the Groundbreaker Talents residence from June 1st, 2023, to June 1, 2024, throughout the program.
  • Completed and graduated from High School, i.e. S.6. (possess a result slip/ certificate/ transcript/ photo of your results)
  • Be a resident of Uganda or the refugee communities in Uganda (have either a passport, National ID, village ID, or Refugee certificate of your respective country of origin)
  • Be passionate about tech
  • Very fluent in spoken and written English.
  • Applicants must NOT currently study in a university or institute pursuing a bachelor’s or diploma (enrolled or on break).

NOTE: A potential applicant will only be eligible for the scholarship if they strictly meet ALL above mentioned requirements. All information will be treated with full confidentiality

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