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The Relevance (Why the course is being taught)

The Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Program at Uganda Christian University (UCU) is an interdisciplinary program that integrates the natural and social sciences to generate and apply new knowledge about the quality of our justice system.
The Faculty of Law desires to produce men and women, who will later become model lawyers in society. It is not only lawyers who know how and where to find the law, but rather lawyers with a difference, that is lawyers of integrity and scruples. These are people who appreciate the role of law in bringing about justice as intended by God. (Source: Uganda Christian University, School of Law website)

Course Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

The LLB program is a 4-year long full-time day program and has only one intake per year. The law faculty admission generally has minimum entry requirements which are controlled by the Admissions Board. At each sitting, the admissions board sets the cut-off points depending on the number of applicants and number of spaces available.

Direct Entry 

Ugandan applicants: Applicants should hold at least

  • Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) certificate with at least 2 principal passes at the same sitting;
  • Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE).

All students admitted through the ‘A’ level entry category are subjected to written and oral interviews to determine their suitability for law studies at UCU.

International applicants: Applicants must have qualifications that are recognized for University entry in their respective countries for a Bachelor of Laws degree or equivalent. Foreign students from within the region and beyond are also admitted if they have equivalent qualifications. International applicants must have qualifications that are recognized for University entry in their respective countries. Admission of persons holding qualifications from diverse fields is a welcome measure in the law faculty because it contributes to the distinctiveness of ideas brought out by the student body in the study and application of the law through experienced eyes.

Diploma Entry: The applicants should be a  holder of the Diploma in Law from the Law Development Centre, who may apply with or without working experience. Other Degree holders from recognized institutions also qualify for admissions under this category. (Source: Uganda Christian University, School of Law website)


Subjects for Admission

Essential Subjects (X3) [?]

Relevant Subjects (X2) [?]
Desirable Subjects (X1) [?]
Course Cut off Points
Course Career Paths

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Interviews related to Bachelor of Laws

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  • Judge Julia Sebutinde, The Ugandan Jurist at the International Court of Justice
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Where Graduates Work

Legal education at the Faculty of Law is tailored to prepare the product (graduating student) to fit into social life in order to contribute to social development in various capacities. In that regard, the curriculum at the Faculty is designed to expose the student to the general laws or nature which influence his or her – and others'- existence.

The career prospects available to a graduate of the UCU Law faculty are generally in the four core areas of advocacy, service in the judiciary, law making and teaching. These four core areas are spread over vast institutions of professionalism such as Ministry of Justice, the judiciary, law firms, Legislative organs, academic institutions, Business Corporations and Non Governmental organizations.(Source: Uganda Christian University, School of Law website

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