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The Relevance (Why the course is being taught)

Develop a competent pharmacy professional equipped with skills knowledge, skills and attitudes for preparing quality pharmaceuticals and manage health care services while ensuring rational drug use.

At the end of this program, these pharmacy professionals should be able to among others: 

  • Prepare and dispense quality pharmaceutical in a professional manner.
  • Participate in management of Health, Medicines and pharmaceutical resources.
  • Maintenance of the Pharmaceutical equipment.
  • Implement drug policies and regulations.
  • Carry out Primary Health Care activities on community drug use.
  • Conduct and participate in pharmaceutical researches.

Course Outline

The detailed curriculum of courses required to achieve the accredited Diploma Pharmacy qualification are set out in the table below:

Year 1 Semester 1

Human Anatomy
Human Physiology
First Aid/Nursing
Primary Health Care

Year 1 Semester 2

Pharmaceutics I
Human Physiology II
Pharmaceutical chemistry I

Year 2 Semester 1

Principles of Management
Pharmacology 1
Health Sciences Research Methods
Pharmaceutical chemistry II

Year 2 Semester 2

Pharmacology II
Pharmaceutical chemistry III
Proposal Development & Data management

Year 3 Semester 1

Pharmacy Practice III
Pharmaceutics IV
Pharmacology IV

Year 3 Semester 2

Research Report
Pharmacy practice II
Pharmacology V
Forensic law/Ethics

Source * https://ciu.ac.ug/academics/allied/Diploma-Pharmacy

Course Entry Requirements

1. Principal in Chemistry,
2. Subsidiary in Biology

Subjects for Admission

Essential Subjects (X3) [?]

Relevant Subjects (X2) [?]
Desirable Subjects (X1) [?]
Fees Structure Per Semester
Item Fees
Course Cut off Points
Course Career Paths

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Where Graduates Work

Graduates can work as pharmacy assistants and dispensers in health facilities 

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