Within this book is a strategy aimed to enable any senior six candidate to acquire government sponsorship on merit regardless of their socio-economic status or family background. It's based on numerous success principles expounding on virtues like hard work and disciplines like effective planning .

The ball is within your court and you have the potential to achieve what you set your mind to working smart and holding onto determination all the way to the end. It was written by  Edmund Walusimbi The founder of The Secret initiative a youth program that is aimed to inspire and motivate students to achieve academic excellence regardless of their socio-economic background or life history.

It aims to have several students excel and be among those 4000 plus yearly beneficiaries who are sponsored by the government of Uganda for university education.More thousand of students have been reached through career exhibitions and. This year-round they organized their first careers conference THE CAREERS CATALOG 2019 that took place on 15th June at Isbat University.It was aimed to provide students with first-hand information concerning professions within this 21st century.  This book was endorsed by the Prime Minister of Buganda Kingdom Mr. Charles Peter Mayiga 

Book shops where you can find the book

1. Uganda Bookshop
2. Mukono Bookshop on Colline house
3. Sharmic bookshop
4. Angelina bookshop Masaka branch
5. Kampala New Tyms bookshop in Old Taxi Pack
6. Rise and Shine Bookshop in Mukono at Bartar
7. Jicca Stationeries at Wandegya

Links: Endorsement by the Prime Minister of Buganda Kingdom ( Katikiro ) Mr. Charles Peter Mayiga : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-EtwZKe_zpiC8LodnLsuSfqfOESkAYmm

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