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Chemistry is considered as a central science because of its crucial role in responding to the needs of society. We use chemistry to discover new processes, develop new sources of energy, produce new products and materials, provide more food, and ensure better health.

Indeed chemistry...

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Fine Art

Why teach the subject?

Fine Art as a subject in the Senior Secondary Curriculum, is designed to further develop students’ aesthetic and artistic potential, and their values and attitudes, thus empowering them to be better prepared for their own future and for...

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Computer Studies

The subject of Computer Studies introduces the learner to the use of computers and other ICTs in their daily work. Students learn about the history of different innovations in the ICT world and how the current systems evolved over the years.  The syllabus promotes acquisition of computer...

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Literature In English

Literature in English is one of the subjects that have been at this level for as far as 1959 when high school education was introduced in the education system in Uganda.  The structure of the subject is inherited from the British system where it also happens to be a principal subject in...

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General Paper

General Paper is a multi-disciplinary subject which draws its content from all the subjects across the curriculum.  Therefore, the syllabus is vast and has no itemized resource list of its own.  The subject helps the learner to explore and appraise social, cultural, economic,...

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