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In face of the unprecedented pace of changes worldwide with the advent of information technology and explosive growth of knowledge, our education system aims to develop students' knowledge, adaptability, creativity, independent thinking and life-long learning capabilities so that they can be better prepared to make informed and responsible choices and thus be able to make the best of the opportunities ahead.

Student Hub exists to inspire you achieve your academic dreams by sharing with you numerous resources that help shed some light on the journey you are embarking on

We believe in Learning from a motivation perspective as then when the journey gets abeat bumpy, you hang on to the wagon for you believe that at the end of the journey, lies the dream you have always wanted to achieve

Our Motivation

We look at the void in Career guidance in the Education system of Uganda and see a need to set up a platform that will help students find all the necessary resources they will need to put their future courses and careers in perspective. In the event that the professionals in the various career fields are so busy to conduct career talks, the Student hub interviews them and lets them shed some light on specific career paths

It is really unfortunate for a student to realise after Two years at Campus that they choose a wrong course. The Student Hub provides relevant information that is necessary for Students to pick the right Courses. We share with you the Relevance (Rationale) of Each course so that the student can see how relevant this course is to their Lives

Numerous students always wonder the relevance of the Subjects they Study at School. They think Math is such a nightmare and yet the whole world is governed by mathematics and science. The Student Hub re-affirms the relevance of Each Subject that is taught at Secondary Level paying special emphasis to A-Level Subjects. We believe that after students understand the relevance of some of these subjects, special attention shall be given to them to ensure excellence. We thus Connect a subject to a course at campus which course is related to a career

Our Ultimate Goal

Our ultimate goal is to see all students,irrespective of their abilities,orientations and levels of study,being able to:

  • 1
     Understand their own career/academic aspirations
  • 2
     Develop positive attitudes towards work and learning;
  • 3
     Connect/integrate their career/academic aspirations with/into whole-person development and life-long learning
  • 4
     Utilise the acquired knowledge, skills and attitudes whenever necessary

Our Approach

The Subjects

We put school subjects into a tertiary course perspective. We show you what subjects are essential for you to get your dream course

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The Courses

We connect subjects to courses sharing with you where you should concentrate more. We share with you must know information before you apply for the course

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The Careers

We connect university courses with careers. We share what transpires in certain careers and what skills you need to excel

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The Workplace

We connect your career with a workplace hence completing your career path.We help you see the bigger picture of your academic journey and guide you on how to make it there

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Our Mission

To be the most reliable and trusted source of career information and inspiration for all students

Our Vision

To inspire a generation of career driven students

Core Values

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Why we exist

  • To Inform students about the potential in their dreams
  • To Motivate students to persue worthwhile goals
  • To Inspire students to dream big and put their future in perspective
  • To Mentor the next generation of Uganda Students
  • To offer fulltime career guidance to Students

What is here for you

  • 1

    Career Information

  • 2

    Motivation Stories

  • 3

    Interviews from professionals

  • 4

    University Guide

Map out your own career path to your dream Job.....