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Why we Exist

To inspire you to achieve your career dream by being that light unto your career path

See the Dream

Many are the dreams of the little minds,one of the major goals of education is to raise the natural curiousities of young minds with the purpose of satisfying them later.We exist to help you visualize such dreams

Understand the Dream

We all have dreams but some are very faint and require some illumination for purposes of being realized. The Student hub exists to shed as enough light as possible for students to understand what their dreams

Achieve the Dream

First the Dream was birthed, then nurtured and finally achieved. There is a high sense of fullfilment when a dream is achieved. Many dreams go through a metamorphosis to the point at which they are ready to appellation.

What do we offer From Us to you

Information about Universities

Uganda has a number of Universities that offer internationally accedited courses. The Student Hub profiles all those univerisities and shares with you tips on how to join those universities

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Guidance to University Admission

The Student hub shares with you very important information relating to University admission.We provide you with information relating to the weighting system at university

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Information about University Courses

It is paramount for one to choose the right course at campus as that will lead them to the right career. The Student hub shares very important information as regards the different courses at the different campus as well as the relevance of such courses

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Career insights and Mentorship

The Student Hub brings the work place to the classroom by connecting students to professionals in thier career paths for inspiration and mentorship. Students can ask questions about their respective careers and get feedback from the men and women in the work place

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At Student Hub, we help you put your dream into perspective
We help you see the future and move towards it with great certainty

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