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Nyakasura students invent coffee yogurt

It is often heard that neccessity is the mother of innovation.Innovation distinguishes leaders from followers. In the just concluded Intellectual Property Awards organized by Uganda Registration Services Bureau, the audience was charmed by what one can refer to as a master class performance from two Nyakasura School Students. Clad in their rather unsual attire (for the boy), these students explained to the audience the secret behind the coffee yorgut

The students as they passionately explained their innovation at the 2017 IP Awards

So why the Coffee yorgut

Uganda's coffee consumption stands at 0.38kgs per capita according to Uganda Coffee Development Authority which is really low compared to the world's largest consumer Finnland at 9.6(consumption of 2.64 cups/day) and yet Uganda according to worldatlas.org is the 8th producer of coffee in the world. This motivated these young students from Nyakasura to venture in research to find out how they can increase the coffee consumption through making yorgut. There efforts where not in vain as they manage to achieve their feat 

The Innovation

The young lads started with 20,000 Ugx which they used to buy a 20 litre jerrycan of milk,which they then boiled with a coffee mixture and after cooling was then put in flasks to prevent it from going bad. After a day it would have fermented and after adding sugar to the yorgut, it is then placed in a fridge. 


With daily earnings of about 150,000 Ugx per day from sells at the school carteen, these young students are in a very lucrative business. They have managed to hire one of their school cooks,paying them 70,000 Ugx per month to assist them in production and through the very supportive school adminstration they have acquired boilers to enable them produce for the masses

The innovation also emerged best in the 2nd Uganda National Coffee Festival 2016 organized by RANLabs 

Nyakasura School receving the award (Source ranlab.org)

Future Plans

Entering into large scale production to satisfy the ready market in Western Uganda and Uganda at large

It is with innovations from students like these that out future is secure. Well done Nyakasura School.

Published by: cymon Date: Jul 29, 2017

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