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Students develop smart phone based soil analysis system

The grand architects of our education system envisioned a system that will equip students with knowledge and skills that creates a desire in them to respond with solutions to the pressing needs of society.Our quest for such kind of students led us to a team of young men just fresh from University who have developed a tool called Agricsuccess that is poised to contribute significantly to the Agriculture sector by empowering farmers with information pertaining to their soil fertitilty

What is the Agrisuccess Platform?

This is a hardware, web-based and mobile platform that solves both pre and post-harvest losses by helping farmers do real time soil fertility analysis for soil soil pH, Soil Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium(NPK) contents  as well as soil temperature and Moisture.

The goal of this great innovation is provide accurate information about the soil fertility and what crops can best grow in the soil that has been tested. This will surely enable farmers know which crops to plant in what soils hence helping them avoid planting crops that will not grow due to the soil infertitlity or the soil components not being favourable for the planted crops 

How it works

This hardware connects to the phone via bluetooth and return a list of crops that can thrive better on their soils depending on the fertility of the area

A simple system flow of the Agricsuccess platform

Published by: cymon Date: Mar 23, 2017

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