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Biomedical Laboratory Technology is a programe providing expertise in laboratoty based techniques. Members of this profession are responsible for the provision of valid and reliable laboratory based information on which crucial decisions affecting the public are based e.g. monitoring,diagnoses,therapy,food quality and policy issues

Presently, the labaratory technicians have been training up to diploma status with no advanced certificate available in the country to help them develope professionally. 

In addition, the diploma training has been deficient in practical aspects leading to graduates being unable to cope with the rapid advances in scientific technology, industrial research and evaluatins. This has affected their marketablilty and efficiency.Thus, the inception of this programme gives significant priority to the upgrading of the Laboratory technologists in the Nation

Objectives of the Course

The Bachelor of Biomedical Laboratory Technology program addresses the following

1. Enhance laboratory Investigation for purposes of diagnosis therapy, monitoring,research and Quality Control

2. Develop appropriate laboratory protocols, quality control systems and standardization of laboratory procedures

3. Initiate, plan and implement laboratory based research and evaluations

4. Develop and evaluate laboratory procedures for training, research and industry

5. Maintain and sustain Laboratory Equipment

6. Manage and suoervise science-based and all manner of laboratories

7. Plan and institute laboratory safety measures

8. Collect, Manage, analyse,correlate and interpret laboratory test results

9. Assist in supervison of Laboratory based training


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