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For National Diploma in Automotive Engineering

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Following the visible growth of Ugandan Economy and increasing urbanization, transport industry is on the rise to meet the mobile population engaged in business and other activities. For many years, the country has been training mechanical engineering technicians who are merely introduced to the world of automotives and graduated when they are not able to competently trouble shoot any problem, diagnose and practically apply hands on skills to solve the problem.  This curriculum is developed to train technicians who will meet the expanding needs of automotive industry and world of work in Uganda and the entire region as a whole.  

It emphasizes acquisition of skills through practical teaching and execution of projects. This curriculum is in line with the BTVET Act (2008), the BTVET Strategic Plan ‘Skilling Uganda’ and the Ugandan Vision 2040 (Achieving a Middle Income Economy). The need to implement CBET in the BTVET institutions which requires a Competence Based Curricula has led to the development of these National curricula which will be offered by various tertiary institutions. The  competences  that  the  learner  is  expected  to  acquire  are  clearly  spelt  out  in  the module units covered in each of the respective semester of an academic year. The modules offered in this course are packaged in a manner that will enable the learner to attain particular skills required for performing tasks at any level of the respective year of study.

Since there are also graduates from the certificate level, there is need to have this programme to provide an opportunity to add on their competences and provide a clear upward progression for the graduates of certificate.

This curriculum if implemented effectively will produce automotive technicians who are able to; 

                        1. Design and produce automotive parts.

                        2. Carry out repair and maintenance of vehicles and motocyles.

                        3. Maintain Automotive engine systems  to good working condition

                        4. Installs and maintains the electrical and electronics systems of an automotive equipment 

                        5.  Maintain manual power transmission systems of automobiles.

                        6. Maintain automatic power transmission systems  of automobiles

                        7. Prepare reports, budgets and operation plans

                       6. Enforce safety, health and  security of persons, plant, equipment and the environment

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