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For Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration in Oil and Gas Management (Online)

Why Apply

It is recognised that in coming years there will be a worldwide growing workforce of managers with considerable oil and gas engineering operational experience.
Our PGD in Upstream Oil and Gas Management has for that matter been designed for oil and gas industry professionals who have considerable oil and gas engineering operational experience but have had little or no education in management responsibilities and methods.

The programme is, therefore, a blend of engineering and management topics that will produce an engineering manager with rounded capabilities.
To allow these individuals to continue to practise as engineers, fundamental
knowledge of the industry will need to be refreshed and they will also need to be updated on the latest best practice and technology.

What you’ll learn

In this programme, you will take 8 modules each weighted at 4 or 5 Credit Units and write a PGD project worth 6 Credit Units in the specific area of Oil and Gas Management . You are free to take a minimum of 1 module to a maximum of three modules in a term. A term is made up of 3 months of study and one week of final module examination. Each student shall spend an additional 3 to 6 months for writing the PGD project to fulfill the requirements for the PGD in Business Administration (Oil and Gas Management). Therefore, this study model provides the flexibility that enables you to complete the PGD in Business Administration (Oil and Gas Management) programme in 1 – 2 academic years depending on the pace that suits your schedule and learning goals.

Source * https://niu.ac.ug/programmes/upstream-oilngas/

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