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Mobile Money Hackathon 2023 (Win 10,000 USD in prizes)

Date: Aug 28, 2023

Deadline September 17th  2023

Winners don't wait for chances, they create them. Unlock your coding genius and show us your skills in the MoMo Hackathon 2023!

MTN MoMo is a groundbreaking fintech platform offering a wide array of innovative digital financial services to consumers and businesses across Africa. Our platform provides access to payment, e-commerce, insurance, lending, and remittance services, operating in 17 markets on the continent.

Our mission is to drive economic growth by providing financial and digital solutions catering to all sizes of consumers and businesses. As we continue to expand our service offerings, we are dedicated to establishing a platform that fosters cashless and digital economies, ensuring affordable, inclusive, understandable, and comprehensive financial services.

At MTN, we play a pivotal role in shaping the future of mobile financial services (MFS) by evolving into a mobile financial (fintech) platform. Our platform caters to a wide range of needs, including in-store payments, remittances, prepaid services, mobile wallets, micro-loans, and micro-insurance.

To bridge the financial services gap in the markets where MTN operates, we recognize the importance of collaboration. We actively seek partnerships with financial service providers, regulatory authorities, other mobile network operators, merchants, distributors, businesses, technology providers, entrepreneurs, and developers. Together with our partners, we are committed to enhancing the economic and social well-being of millions of Africans.

As part of our dedication to closing the financial inclusion gap, MTN Group has made its Mobile Money platform accessible across its entire footprint through the MoMo API program.

And now, we are excited to invite companies, entrepreneurs, and developers from across the continent to participate in our 3rd MoMo API Hackathon. This event provides a unique opportunity for developers based in Ghana, Uganda, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Rwanda, eSwatini, Congo Brazzaville, Guinea Conakry, Zambia, Benin, South Africa, South Sudan, Liberia, and Nigeria to showcase their creativity and innovation by leveraging the MTN mobile money (MoMo) API platform.

By joining the MoMo API Hackathon, you'll have the chance to create groundbreaking financial applications that will accelerate financial inclusion and drive the digitization of payments in Africa. Together, let's shape the future of digital finance and empower millions of people with access to comprehensive and life-changing financial services.

Don't miss this chance to make a real impact. Register now and be a part of the MoMo API Hackathon to shape Africa's financial landscape!

Register Here >>> 

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