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Makerere Innovation and Incubation Center Youth Work Readiness Program Cohort 2

The Youth Work Readiness Program is a tailored program for Ugandan youths aged between 18 to 35 years to find, acquire, and keep an appropriate job as well as to be able to manage transitions to new jobs as needed in order to live a comfortable life.


The program is responsible for conducting two hours of interactive training, four days a week with topics chosen from the field of employment. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the sessions will be held virtually using the ZOOM meeting platform.
Upon successful completion, selected participants will be placed with partnering companies, businesses, and organizations to provide part-time jobs/work slots to enable people to practice, learn and gain experience alongside the people working in the actual jobs.

Length of the program: Each cohort will take 2 months in the program, 1 month in training, and the last month in conducting placements with supervision. Note: T &Cs apply to placements.

Attendance: All participants are expected to attend 100% of the time and period

Termination of the program:

1. Upon completion
2. Lack of participation, compliance and meeting the target marks determined by MIIC

The criteria for the applicants
1. Ugandan citizens only
2. Males and females age 18-35
3. Undergraduates, postgraduates, diploma, certificates, professional and master degree holders
4. Unemployed and actively seeking a job opportunity

Note: Females are STRONGLY encouraged to apply.

Apply Here >>>>>>>>>>>>

Date: Feb 8, 2021

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