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Meet Samson Mutono

Medical Clinical Officer at Makula Health Services

As the notion goes, Health is wealth and by no means can a nation brag about prosperity without a healthy population. Over the years, men and women have responded to the noble call of becoming health practioneers serving at the different levels of our Health Care System. These people always clad in their white over coats or any other outfit as their nature of work may dedicate their lives to the exceptional service delivery to the patient despite numerous hardships.

Today we have Samson Mutono a Medical Clinical Officer at Makula Health Center sharing with us his experience in the Health Care System of Uganda as well as shedding some light on the medical clinical officer career. This is what we asked 

So, who is Samson Mutono?

I am a Medical Clinical Officer by profession having attained Diploma in clinical medicine and community health from Gulu Institute of Health sciences in 2014 with 3 years of work experience. Currenty working for Makula Health Center as a Medical Clinical Officer

Describe your typical day?

Leave home early in the morning in head to work and during lunch time I always get some free minutes in pray as well as read the Bible.
Basically in my line of work,  I sit in the clinical room where I receive clients, create rapport with patients, then take their medical History, make observations and examinations that include vitals like
-Blood pressure check
-Respiratory rate
-Pulse rate
-Weight and Height
I also make investigations where necessary like laboratory scans and x-ray. Make diagnosis and finally prescribe the rightful medicine and make a follow up date.

So why a career in Health Sciences?

I had a burning passion and desire to be a practioneer in the field as i was motivated by a friend of my brother who was a doctor at Mulago Hospital

What are your main tasks and responsibilities at work? 

Basically Medical Prescriptions and minor surgeries.

Any challenges ?

Failure to get a government job and limited funds to upgrade in my career.

What particular skills do you bring to your workplace ? 

The ability to do immediate referrals in case of complicated cases and also do serious minor surgeries

What's cool about your job ? 

I love it because it was my goal.

What's not cool about your job ?

Little pay in comparison with the inflation in our country.

How did you get your current job ?

I applied for a vacancy and was shortlisted for interviews where I excelled that was in September 2015.

What subjects did you take in school and how have they influenced your career path (Share how they are relevant in your day to day work) ?

I choose Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics and these helped me in making my dream come true as I managed to get admitted for medical course.

What is your Education to date?

Diploma in clinical medicine and community health.

What aspects of your Education System have proven most important for your job?

I will say research because I always update my skills.

What trends are you seeing in your career field ?

Research in HIV /Aids.HIV/AIDs is one of the pandemics and  a life threatening illness, a number of NGOs have come in to provide support .Almost every region in Uganda has some NGO to provide extra effort in fighting the pandemic for example in Eastern, there is IRDC (Infectious Research Disease Collaboration), Central there is  IDI (Infectious Disease Institute) , Western there is Rakai Research Institute.
Others include Better outcomes, and other Universities are also pioneering in HIV/AIDs research e.g University of Manchester.
A lot is invested in HIV/AIDs management for example in the buying the ARVS and testing kits etc The government and other NGOs have come in to support this initiative 

What are the most important personal characteristics required for the job?


Which key people influenced your career direction ?

My mum and my elder brother as well as Dr. Medeyi Vincent

What is your dream job?

Being senior surgeon one day.

As a student, how did you cope up with the pressure to succeed / excel in class?

Always allowed group discussions.

What advise would you give someone considering this job?

They should have to work hard and come to know that medicine is a calling .

What outside class activities did you engage in that have proved beneficial on your career path ?

Leadership that is being chosen to lead my fellow students as a prefect . This leadersship experience at school came in handybecause as a medical clinical officer you are supposed to be a leader to the nurses.

What kind of work experience would provide a good background for this position?

4 years work experience in a busy work place under serious supervision.

Any Concluding remarks

Am glad to have shared my career development with you. Thanks

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