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Meet James Tumusiime

Accountant at East Africa University Rwanda

For any organization to achieve its objectives, a stable financial system is essential characterized by perfect record keeping of every penny in and out of the organization. It is a noble tasks executed by only those with the right skills and that responsible falls squarely on the shoulders of accountants. Accountants are needed in almost every organization as they help keep organizations remain financially up and running. 

Today we caught up with James Tumusiime a young accountant working for East African University Rwanda and this is what he shared with us 

Tell Us about your self ?

Am a professional accountant.A (CPA level 2) candidate at SFB

What is a typical day like for an accountant like you?

I wake-up at 6am in the morning.I prepare myself for 30 minutes and at 6.30am i set off for work.At 7.30 am am in office.At 12 pm i move out of office for lunch and at 2pm am back in office.At 5pm i move out to retire home.

Why did you choose that career path?

I grew up with a dream of becoming a lawyer but along the way i fell in love with economies that way i changed to accounting.

What are your main tasks and responsibilities at work? 

My main tasks include tax filing,bank reconciliation,revenue collection and making of payments as regards to petty cash plus preparation of monthly budget for the institution.

What are your main challenges ?

My main challenge is managing the multi tasks that all require monthly reports so it requires me to some time work over time to beat my monthly targets.

What particular skills do you bring to your workplace ? 

I bring to the work place proper financial management of the limited resources,control and cutting of expenses so as to maximize profits for the institution

What's cool about your job

I brings self confidence among your peers and it trains you how to even manage your personal limited resources through budgeting.And teaches you concern for details

What's not cool about your job ?

Its very demanding requires accuracy and requires concern for details for any mistake made in decision making has a financial implication to the institution

How did you get your current job ?

I applied and through a series of interviews, a emerged as a suitable candidate for the position

What subjects did you take in school and how have they influenced your career path ?

I chose economics for it has helped me manage the always scarce resources versing the multiple needs therefore teaching me to opt for the most important ones(opportunity cost)

What is your Education to date?

Am Certified Public Accountant level 2 candidate

What aspects of your Education System have proven most important for your job?

I have learnt proper financial decision making as well as team work.

What trends are you seeing in your career field ?

I am seeing ICT taking over the career.So many new accounting systems have been developed and they are automating alot of accounting tasks

What are the most important personal characteristics required for the job?

Honesty,Trustworthiness and Concern for details

Which key people influenced your career direction ?

My Uncle who is a primary headteacher

What is your dream job?

Becoming self employed as a financial annalist and consultant

What have been the most rewarding events in your career so far?

I managed to gain a promotion from a cashier to accountant in a space of one year from the time i was employed

As a student, how did you cope up with the pressure to succeed / excel in class?

Intensive revision,regular attendance of class was the order of the day and group discussion also helped me.

What advise would you give someone considering this job?

They should be focused.They should focus on mastering economics and accounting at all levels.

What outside class activities did you engage in that have proved beneficial on your career path?

I used to play football which i still do update.And i was also a member of the YCS this has sharpened my social behavior thus it has helped to learn to working in groups or teams to achieve the desired goals.

What kind of work experience would provide a good background for this position?

Trying being cashier or treasurer in your clubs at school,church or even trying to do small business with your parents at home can help you shape your honesty and trust with peoples money which is the core personal characteristic for this career.

Any Concluding remarks

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share may career experience with my fellow youths

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