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Launch of S4 And S6 Leavers Coding And Graphics Designing Classes

Date: Nov 14, 2023

In a world increasingly dominated by technology and digital innovation, The Student Hub is breaking new ground by introducing a unique educational experience for vacits and holidaymakers. 

Venue: Kanjokya House, Ground Floor 

Date and Time: 04th December 2023, 9 AM-11 AM


Welcome and Introduction

1. Introduction of the organizing team
2. Overview of the event's purpose and goals

Keynote Address

Guest speaker or industry expert discussing the importance of coding and graphic design skills in today's job market

Introduction to the Curriculum

1. Presentation outlining the curriculum structure, modules, and subjects covered in the classes
2. Explanation of the benefits and skills students will gain

Demonstrations and Workshops

1. Live demonstrations of coding projects and graphic design works by instructors
2. Interactive workshops allow attendees to try out basic coding exercises or design tasks

Q&A Session

Open the floor for questions from attendees regarding the classes, curriculum, and career prospects

Student Testimonials

Testimonials or experiences shared by students who have previously taken similar courses or programs

Instructor Introductions

Introduction of the instructors and their expertise in coding and graphic design

Networking and Refreshments

1. Informal networking session allowing attendees to interact with instructors, organizers, and each other
2. Light refreshments and snacks provided

Closing Remarks

Recap of key points discussed during the event

For more details about the program click here

For more details about enrollment, Call +256705228456 / +256775450028


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