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Amariatek Foundation Change Makers Bootcamp 2023

Date: Nov 11, 2023

This holiday season, Amariatek is thrilled to introduce our "Change Makers Boot Camp" a fun-filled, five-day adventure into the world of entrepreneurship designed for young, aspiring minds where kids like yours get to play at being bosses of their own businesses

Students will obtain skills like;

  1. Creativity skills
  2. Innovation skills
  3. Critical thinking skills
  4. Problem-solving skills
  5. Communication skills
  6. Teamwork and collaboration skills
  7. Entrepreneurial skills
  8. Mindset change 


  1. They will receive Certificates at the end of the boot camp.
  2. For a team of eight students, they will have a trainer. This will keep every child engaged, active and will have a chance to participate in every activity that will take place.
  3. They will receive seed funding that will help them in bringing their projects to life.
  4. Students will be exposed to different opportunities through Amariatek Foundation to win more prizes and build their projects/businesses.
  5. They will get to make new friends from different schools for the five days they will be together which could turn into partnerships.

Outline of the Bootcamp

DAY 1 - Understanding Entrepreneurship, design thinking and innovation

DAY 2 - Observe and interview those affected by the problem

DAY 3 - Ideate & design solutions and prototype

DAY 4 - Testing the prototype and pitching practice

DAY 5 - Pitching, rewards and departure

Cost 300,000 UGX

To apply for a spot and for more information contact us at:

Phone; +256 (0) 393194359 / +256 (0) 704241494

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