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Anthropologist and Archeologist

Study the origin, development, and behavior of human beings. May study the way of life, language, or physical characteristics of people in various parts of the world. May engage in systematic recovery and examination of material evidence, such as tools or pottery remaining from past human cultures, in order to determine the history, customs, and living habits of earlier civilizations.

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Anthropology and Archeology Teacher, Postsecondary

Teach courses in anthropology or archeology. Includes both teachers primarily engaged in teaching and those who do a combination of teaching and research.

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Application engineer

Application engineers are people who work with computers to design and improve specialty equipment and enhance software programs. They work with various departments within companies such as customer service, sales and manufacturing, to ensure that client specifications are met.

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Appraiser and Assessor of Real Estate

Appraise real property and estimate its fair value. May assess taxes in accordance with prescribed schedules.

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Appraiser, Real Estate

Appraise real property to determine its value for purchase, sales, investment, mortgage, or loan purposes.

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