Clubs are an integral part of a student’s overall education and development as it helps in improving their social skills, physical and mental health. There are a number of clubs in our schools such as Debate club, writers’ club, wildlife, YCS, Youth Alive etc. but very few students join these clubs because they think it’s a waste of time.

Carolyne B. Atangaza in her recent article “Joining that club could impact your career published in the Daily monitor newspaper highlighted that aside from giving students constructive pastime activities, clubs could be an important tool in career development. From that article I picked out 4 reasons why you should join a club and how they can impact your career in future.

How to associate with other people beyond the classroom

When students interact with other people of their own age group, it helps them build social skills and understand perspectives of other young people – like sharing, helping, listening etc. This helps to build character and mold the individual’s personality that will help in their career development.

Leadership opportunities for the future

Clubs give you the opportunity to be a leader to your fellow students and for those who do not get leadership positions by just being a member they get to understand the dynamics of a team and be committed to the club’s vision. This also builds a respect for leadership.

Ms. Sandra Againe, a graduate from Makerere University, College of Computing and a former Information Minister at the college says that clubs prepared her for the leadership role and have taught her to work under pressure.

Skills development

Several key life skills and values such as patience, responsibility, resilience and self-confidence can be easily taught to students. The students can also learn time management because they get to learn to balance academics and their social time. Let’s take for example joining debate club, you develop oratory skills, critical thinking, etc.

Holistic education

Clubs prepare students to meet the challenges they may meet in life and in their academic careers so as to contribute to the world in which they live. The most important lessons behind holistic education are learning about oneself, developing healthy relationships and positive social behaviors, social and emotional development, resilience, and the ability to view beauty, experience transcendence and truth.

In conclusion, young people get to meet other young people with similar interests and this can promote creativity and competence so join a club of your choice today and impact your dream career.

(Source: The Daily Monitor newspaper)